Saturday, May 25, 2013

All Wet

Content Warning 

The blog that you're about to view contains content only suitable for adults.  If you are under the age of 18, have a heart condition or are easily offended, please jump to the next chapter.  

If on the other hand you're a dirty perv you may enjoy this bit, but it won't last long.  

I'd apologize to you both but if I did I'd have to then listen to your suggestions and ideas and it would become your blog and not mine.  I'd need to change the name and pictures and I don't see the point in that.  So thanks for reading or not reading but you can't report me now 'cause I warned ya!  ;)

“Why must it rain so much here?”  Diana nervously wiped at her clothes, very aware of the fact that her once pristine white shirt was now clinging to every inch of her body.  No matter how many times she pulled the fabric away it acted like a magnet to her skin and clung to it even tighter.

“Do you have a towel or something?  I’m soaked to the bone.”  She looked up and found Alex’s eyes following the movement of her hands as they repeatedly pulled at her shirt.  She repeated her question and watched as it registered with his brain that she was talking to him.  As if coming from a trance his eyes looked up into her face and refocused.  The look in his eyes told her that he didn't miss anything, especially not the fact that her bra was transparent from the rain. 

At that moment her nipples hardened and like a moth to a flame his eyes were drawn back to them.
The heat of the look, along with the twitch of muscles in his jaw told her his thoughts were not on getting her a towel, but rather getting her out of her wet clothes.  The idea sent a shiver down her spine.  She thought it best to take the focus off her and distract him before something they both regretted happened.

Diana wrapped her arms around her chest and began to rub her hands along her upper arms.  “Do you have a dryer and something I might change into?”  At this Alex realized that he’d been staring like a teenage boy.  With a look of embarrassment on his face he turned and waved for her to follow.  She left a trail of water as she walked behind him.  Finally after a few failed attempts at keeping herself steady in her soaked heels she stopped to take them off and peel her wet thigh highs off.  She quickly glanced up and saw Alex was still walking away.  So she pulled her skirt up and hooked her thumbs into the top of her hose.  Just as she began to pull the first one off she heard his footsteps stop.

Worried what he’d see she quickly pulled it off and her skirt down.  Afraid to look up, but not willing to walk another step in the uncomfortable hose she glanced up to see if he was watching.  The look in the entry was nothing compared to the heat she saw in his eyes.  They were smoldering and challenging her to finish what she was doing.  Without thinking of the consequences she slowly raised the hem of her skirt back to her thigh, hooked her fingers in the top of her hose and as she pulled them off she maintained the stare, almost daring him to make the next move.

When he made no move she lowered her eyes and found him hard against his jeans. She continued to look at him as she slowly lowered her hose.  When she pulled it off her foot she saw his jeans fitting even snugger against him and a small twitch.  The simple involuntary movement made Diana wet, in the one place the rain hadn't.

The sexual tension that was between the two was so strong that she could actually feel the electricity.  The hair on her forearms and neck were standing on end.  Why she was tempting fate she had no idea, but she couldn't take any more chances.  “Dry clothes?  Do you have anything I can wear?”  Alex gave her a knowing smile and turned back around.  As she walked barefooted down the hall with hose and heels in hand, Diana took the time to notice the d├ęcor.  How masculine it was, yet tastefully done.  She wondered if he had a decorator of designed it himself.  Silly girl, she thought, you’ll do anything to keep your mind off the best looking man you've seen in ages.  What’s the problem?  You came here to forget the past and start a new future.  What’s the harm?

Seconds later Alex disappeared into what looked like nothing more then a closet.  As she followed she noticed a washer and dryer and small sink.  Hanging above the sink was a small clothesline with various articles of clothing.  Alex reached up and grabbed a work shirt and tossed it over to Diana.  Seeing the ever-present challenge in his eyes, she pulled the shirt over her head and used it to block his view as she unbuttoned her shirt and removed it along with her bra.  Instead of reading disappointment in his eyes, she saw amusement.  What did that mean, she thought.  Does he think I’m a tease or something, a prude perhaps?  Oh, who cares?  I've just met the man, what’s to be expected.  I jump him in his laundry room?

Diana handed Alex her wet cloths and he looked at her skirt questioning if she’d be removing that as well.  At first she hesitated, but never one to back down she put her hands behind her back to unzip it.  When it slid to the floor Alex quickly reached for it and tossed it, along with her other belongings, into the dryer.

Once the task was done Diana felt awkward just standing in his shirt. When Alex made no move to leave the room she spoke.  “It’s rather cold tonight.  Seems the three days I've been here it’s either raining or freezing, or a combination of both.  How do you stay warm?”  Alex checked the setting on the dryer and cleared off a few pieces of clothing left from the previous wash.  He turned to her, put his hands on her waist and started to lift her, she objected.  “There’s no way you can pick me up, what are you doing?”  He said nothing, simply sat her on the top of the dryer but didn't step back.  He was standing between her bare legs.  It took her a second, but she realized this was his plan to warm her up, a sort of two for one.  Dry her clothes and heat her up.  Such a good host she thought teasingly in her head.

“So this is how you stay warm?  You hop on the dryer?” She giggled, “Why do I think the answer is no?”  Diana laughed at the idea of this big man sitting half naked on a dryer.  For some reason, perhaps the wine from earlier, the awkwardness of the situation or the fact that in the fifteen minutes she’d been here, he’d said nothing, she began to laugh harder.  She laughed even harder when she saw a small smile creep along Alex’s face.  Very slow at first, but the harder she laughed the wider it became.  Soon, stone-faced Alex was laughing with her.

“Oh wonderful, still not a single word, but you can laugh at me?  I must really be a sight.”  She laughed so hard she had to wipe the tears from her eyes.  “I was invited to an intimate dinner with a handsome stranger.  And because I have the worst luck I end up soaking wet in another man’s laundry room.  This was not the day I had planned.  I should call my travel agent and ask for a refund.” She was still wiping the tears from her eyes when she saw Alex reach up for her face.

With his hands bracketing her face he forced her to look into his eyes.  Eyes she had never noticed were a very pale, almost translucent green.  Beautiful, she thought.  When his gaze fell to her mouth she lowered hers to his.  Wide, soft lips, she thought.  Okay Diana, now you sound like Little Red Riding Hood.  She giggled out loud at that image.  His eyes went back to hers and he said, “If you’re looking for an intimate time with a stranger, I’ll be happy to fulfill your request.”

His voice was heavily accented and very deep, but she understood every word very clearly.  At the thought of it’s meaning she blushed.  “I… I was thinking more on the lines of dinner and a movie.”  She smiled to cover her embarrassment, but he didn't smile back.  He began to pull her face closer to his and without a single objection; she closed her eyes and tilted her head.  What a hussy, she thought, one sentence from him and I’m swooning.  At the last second she opened her eyes and found he was staring at her, just inches from her face.  “If you’d prefer I could feed you, but I think our mutual hunger will make this experience even more enjoyable.”
She gasped at his meaning.  Did he plan on taking her here, on top of the dryer?  How was, what did… all thoughts trailed off as his mouth took hers and he began to kiss her.  His lips were rough compared to hers, but they're fullness made her ache to suck them.  “Mmmm”, she moaned before she could stop herself.  The sound was enough to fuel Alex on.  The soft kiss was quickly changed and his tongue was pushing against her lips, daring her to stop him.  But she had no plans on stopping him.  At that moment the only thought was going forward and seeing what would come next.

Diana opened her mouth and deepened the kiss, pulling a moan out of Alex.  The sound was more animal then man and her hands went to his hair.  Something she’d wanted to do since she first saw him in the pub.  How sexy this man was with his long hair and week old beard.  Any other time she’d have offered to cut his hair and shave his face, but today she wanted to run her hands through his hair and feel the scratch of his beard all over her body.

Heavens, but the thought was driving her crazy.  And here he was, between her legs, kissing her, while she sat in nothing but his shirt with her legs on either side of him.  The idea of wrapping her legs around his waist was so daring she wasn't sure she could do it, but when he moaned again after she bit his bottom lip she didn't hesitate.  Her legs went around his waist and he immediately began to lift her off the dryer.  This time she didn't think about whether he could carry her, all she wanted was to get closer and fast.

Alex held her for a while and continued to kiss her.  Each second that passed she could feel his arms getting tighter and tighter around her waist.  He seemed to want the same thing Diana did, to get closer and fast.  When she brushed the tips of her fingers against the back of his neck Alex pinned her against the wall and moved one of his hands between them.  With her mind focused on the kiss and her hands tangled in his hair she was initially unaware of his hand between her thighs.  So it came as a shock when his rough hands came into contact with her.  The moment they did she became wetter and his hands began to work her.  There was no doubt he knew what he was doing.  First he rubbed his fingers just inside of her to wet them and then slowly moved up to caress her clit, ever so slowly.  The sensation was wonderful.

She had expected his rough hands to hurt, but he knew the right pressure and with his mouth and tongue imitating his hand movements, Diana was lost to all other thoughts.  She was in heaven.  Her hips began to move on their own.  Slowly at first to match his rhythm, then faster to show him what she wanted.  Just as her pace was about to speed up again he moved his mouth to her ear and whispered, “No need to rush this, I have all night.”  She caught her breath and became wetter still when he began to trace her outer ear with his tongue.  All the while telling her how much he liked the feel of her on his hand.  Diana wasn't sure if it was the wine, the location or his sexy accent, but she was certain she was about to climax right then.  After some deep breathes she began to kiss the side of his neck, slowly running her tongue along his jawline and bit the lobe of his ear.  “You may have all night, but I have a year to make up for.”

With that she pulled his shirt open, buttons ripping and several popping off.  She slid out of his arms and began to devour his chest with her eyes, hands and mouth.  Just as she had expected he was well built with just the right amount of hair to make a women want to slide up and down it naked.  Alex seemed to be in shock a bit as he was pushed against the same wall he had just pinned Diana against.  But when her mouth found his nipples and began to suck and bite he came out of his shock and began to slowly undo the buttons on the shirt he let her borrow.

With in seconds she was naked in front of him.  He slowly took in her shape, the curve of her breast, the flair of her hips, and the length of her legs.  He wasn't sure where to start and with what, his hands or his mouth.  He expected her to be beautiful, but he hadn't expected the reaction he had.  He hesitated for a second.  Diana’s mouth was running kisses down his torso and her hands on the waist of his jeans.  She looked up at him wondering what had happened.

When he looked into her eyes, seeing her mouth just inches from his zipper he began to struggle.  He could almost feel her warm wet mouth on him.  He could imagine her eyes looking up and watching her lips and tongue circle him and feel the texture of her teeth… but something stopped him.  Without giving himself another second to think about it he pulled her up by her arms and held her close.  Rubbing his hands along her back, stopping just inches from the rise of her buttocks.  It took all his willpower to keep from grabbing her and pulling her closer.  Instead he whispered in her hair that they needed to stop.

Either his accent had grown thicker, or her mind had grown cloudy, but it took her a second to figure out what he had just said.  Did he want her to stop?  Really?  Was it her, did he not find her attractive?  Did she do something wrong?  Maybe she had moved too fast.  Maybe he liked girls to take it slow and let him lead.  Whatever it was she was embarrassed and couldn't get his shirt back on her quick enough.  Without a word she opened the dryer, took her damp clothes out and headed out of the laundry room.  She had no idea where she was going; she just knew she wasn't staying there.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Ladder Penalty

Cleaning up and closing the store was never fun.  But doing it on a night when all his mates were watching the game and running the taps dry, that was worse.  But truthfully Mitch didn't mind it so much.  His folks had left him the store and he'd enjoyed running it these past few years.  But boy did it mess up his social life.

Just as Mitch was locking up the back he heard a soft sigh.  Quickly followed by what he could swear was the ladder sliding across the brass bar.  Telling the kids about the ghost supposedly haunting the three shops along this side of the lane was one thing, but being alone and hearing them... well that required some investigation.

After turning the back lights off and closing the coffee shop register he grabbed the shop keys and placed them in his pocket.  "Maybe I'll have one last look before I head out."  When he stepped around the divider that separated the coffee shop from the store he was greeted by the sight of a woman leaning precariously on the ladder.  There was no doubt she was real.  Heavenly perhaps, but of the flesh and bone variety.   

One leg was nearly horizontal to the floor with the foot perfectly pointed.  While the other was pushed up on its toes in a ballerina pose.  She was stretching out towards one of the large tomes on the top shelf. Why he had no idea, and neither did he care.  Where he was standing he had the perfect view of her legs from toe to... was she wearing thigh highs.  Really?  "Did women really wear those?"  

Mitch wasn't sure if he'd said the last part out loud so he decided to make his presence known before the woman either fell off the ladder hurting those perfect legs, or he embarrassed himself and hurt his pride.

"You in need of a door stop?  I've heard those tomes can hold great oak doors open in a pinch."

At his words the lady jumped.  She recovered just in time to catch the book she was holding but not in time to stop herself from falling.  Mitch sprang in to action catching her at the waist and pulling her against his chest.

"I'm so sorry.  I should have spoken softly.  I just felt guilty for standing back there admiring what might possibly be the best looking legs I've ever seen.  So to cover it up I spoke loud and fast.  Rude either way wasn't it?"  

While he spoke Diana was trying to get her breathing under control.  Not only was she caught and looking guilty, but she made a fool of herself by falling off.  "This might possibly be the most embarrassing thing I've ever done."

In the time they'd had this exchange of words he could have set her away from him, but he didn't release her waist and she didn't step away.  He felt good.  She knew he was strong, had to be to catch her the way he did. But he was gentle as well.  Not that she was often found falling in to men's arms, but she'd assume they'd grab without thinking and bruise a person.  But his hands, his very large hands, rested on her hip bones like he'd done this before.

"I'm so sorry for climbing your ladder and fondling your books.  Would you believe me if I said I couldn't stop myself?"  She looked over her shoulder to find him just inches away.  She had a good view of his jaw and had to look up to make eye contact.  Her breath caught, "Oh my..."  She was staring at the most attractive man she had ever seen.   

"I uh, I mean, again I apologize."  She could feel the heat rush to her cheeks.  How very eloquently spoken.  Oh heavens, did he notice?  As fast as her cheeks were reddening up he had to see it.  She turned her head and looked down to refocus on the book. 

Still he didn't let go.  "If by climbing my ladder and fondling my books I get the honor of catching you.  I'd be more than happy to reenact this moment over and over again."  With each word she could feel his breath against the back of her neck.  She couldn't control the shiver that followed.

Not knowing what else to do she turned around in his arms, which he still kept wrapped around her.  "I am steady now if you want to let go."

"And what if I don't want to let go?"  He smiled and winked, pulling her a bit closer with each word he spoke.

"Perhaps you think I'm stealing your book and want to keep me close till the authorities come?"  She was pretty sure that wasn't what he meant, but if she didn't change the mood soon she wasn't sure where this would go.  But she knew wherever it went it would be hard to stop once it was started.

"Seeing as it's past closing time and pretty much everyone in town is at the pub watching the game, I figure I'll have to take care of a thief myself." 

"What if I promise to put the book back, unharmed?"  She offered up her own smile and noticed his eyes shift from her eyes to her mouth.  The twinkle she saw a second before changed to desire in the next heartbeat.

"The problem is you've already fondled it without my permission.  The penalty for that is dinner and drinks.  My treat."  He winked at the last part.  

"That's a pretty tough penalty.  For you that is."  Her smile grew as did his.

"Oh, I deserve it after not being out here to help you find what you were looking for."

"Oh but I did."  She looked about the store trying to remember where she laid the books she originally came in the store for and found them on the register by the front door.  "Over there.  So see, you don't have to take me out.  I was able to find what I needed."

"Aye, but perhaps I just found what I needed."  No smile or wink followed his words this time.  Just a look that promised she'd regret it if she said no.

"Well then, I guess it would be rude to refuse then.  When and where?"  She smiled sweetly up at him, but inside she was jumping up and down.  Oh my this day did in deed get better.  So very much better.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Just Breathe

A man sitting by himself can be a rather menacing thing.  While sitting at a pub is not an odd sight, his posture was.  Head down, arms resting on the table, one hand caressing the rim of his glass while the other tapped out a slow rhythm only known to him.  He seemed out of place surrounded by the slurred voices of other patrons.  Smoke curling around his head, drifting to the ceiling into a great cloud of spent breath and tobacco.
The hour grew late, much later than he'd planned on staying.  As the owner of the pub that wasn't unusual.  But tonight was different and it seemed everyone there knew it.  They also knew him well enough to know that when he sat at that table, with a chair in front of him as if someone would soon occupy it… they let him be.  This was status quo; no one ever deviated from the plan and tonight appeared to be no different.  

As regulars came and went it was strange that he notice the door open this particular time.  Perhaps because it was opened longer than  normal or maybe the smell of rain in the air caught his attention.  But as the stale smoke was sucked out, he slowly looked up.  He thought nothing of the lowering of voices.  It wasn't much; probably not even noticeable to the other customers, but he did wonder who was causing the reaction.  

From where he sat he could only see the back of the door and had to wait a moment.  At first he noticed her shoes, which was unusual because he didn't normally notice such things, but they were red, they were high and they were followed by a rolling suitcase in the same shade.

As she pulled it over the threshold she had to twist just a bit to adjust the wheels.  When she did the muscles in her calves flexed and he was surprised by his own physical reaction.  While he was busy admiring her legs he noticed another pair covered in trousers.  Someone was helping her with her luggage.  It had gotten wedged between the door and the frame when the hydraulic catch shut too quickly behind her.

Realizing his throat had gone dry he brought his drink to his lips, allowing him to speed up his assessment of her.   As his eyes moved past her legs they encountered a fitted dress and jacket.  He wasn't sure what the style was called, but he remembered photos from the 60’s and how the clothing hugged the body, just like hers did.  Everything she wore was red, including the lipstick that framed the most beautiful smile he had ever seen.  

At the moment that smile was pointed at the man who had just dislodged her case.  A handshake was exchanged and she was free to move forward.  Her destination was the bar, straight to Ian.  His bartender and closest friend.  Ian seemed to recognize her, yelled a hello over the noise of the pub and the two hugged.  She pulled back, smiled into his face and for a second, just a second he felt jealous.  She had given that smile to two men already and he felt cheated.  Where was his?  And why on earth had he just thought that?

Ian placed her case behind the bar, pointed to a stool and began making her a drink.  As though he already knew what she liked.  He watched as she shrugged out of her jacket and rested it on the back of the stool.  The shirt underneath was just a breath of material.  Some silk number that probably did little to keep her warm, but did an excellent job of showing off her curves.  

This was no runway model, no thin girl fresh out of adolescence.  This was a woman who had put in some physical work, but also allowed herself pleasures in life.  This was the kind of woman you wanted to feel next to your skin. 

Whoa... where did that come from?  He took a long pull from his drink and tried to pry his eyes from her dark hair, pinned up on her head, exposing a neck that begged to be kissed, shoulders that needed to be caressed, a back that would feel perfect against his bare chest, a waist that his hands would love to explore and an ass that would keep him warm.  

Damn it.  He could feel himself heating up.  Blood racing fast, he needed to get to know this woman.  And if Ian knew her then he knew he had a shot of getting that chance.  But first… he had to calm down. 

As he took the last sip of his drink he decided rather than wait for Sarah to come refill it, he'd go to the bar.  Just one more deep breath to settle things down.  He ran his hand through his hair and decided he was ready.  As he grabbed his mug he saw Sarah approaching his table and waved her off ; standing up so quickly he nearly tipped his chair over.  The look of confusion on her face distracted him for a second, but he stayed on course. 

The sound of his chair sliding across the floor caught her attention, she had one of her heels hooked over the rung of the bar stool, the other heel dangled from her toes and she casually slide it back and forth across the opposite calf.  With just a push of her ankle she rotated the chair around and watched as he approached.  

His eyes were focused on her.  She almost checked behind her to make sure, but knew there was no one there since Ian was helping another customer down the bar.  She held his stare.  This wasn't the first man to approach her in a bar and chances were it wouldn't be the last.  Not that she was so arrogant as to think men couldn’t resist her, it was just a simple truth that a woman, alone in a bar, was a magnet.  

She was mentally preparing her refusal speech, but with each step she was rethinking it.  The eyes that held her's were a shade of green she had never seen before, pale in color, almost an ice green with dark lashes that no doubt frustrated his women friends.  He had a straight nose, full bottom lip, late night stubble and as her eyes traveled down to his neck she noticed his shirt was opened and a smattering of hair that she instantly imagined brushing up against her… calm down now.  

Deep breath.